About AIM

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About AIM

We believe that enhancing the multiple intelligence of each individual through music, will give them a good source of healing experience and good mental wellbeing. The way we enhance the multiple intelligence of each individual is by making our own unique and exciting approach to give them the opportunity to express their emotions, imaginations, connections, awareness, freedom, creativity and many more that will inspire them to keep going and learning. Aside from learning music, we focus our methodology on promoting mental clarity, physical health, emotional balance and spiritual awakening in our music programs.

Our Campaign

We AIM to connect and reconnect the emotion and passion of everyone in the form of music training programs and to inspire them to develop their strengths, creativity, camaraderie, musicianship, active lifestyle, sociability and mood improvement to achieve a positive and productive mindset.

Our Mission

Provide music classes, events and activities, produce professional musicians and future educators, promote continuing education and create a healthy community that will heal and transform lives with the 3 important elements in music: rhythm, melody, and harmony.

Our Values

The sense of belongingness, holistic approach in music education and boundless mentoring. 


Behind AIM

Michael Alba

CEO and Program Director

Emily Alba

Vice President

Jason Lagasca

Chief Business Development Officer

Department Teachers

Chelsea Yu

Drum Department

Alex Lopez

Drum Department

Earl Torres

Drum Department

Gladys Deligero

Keyboard Department

Jed Lozada

Drum Department

Richard Deligero

Guitar, Bass, Voice, and Keyboard Departments

The Founder

Michael Alba

A graduate of Los Angeles Music Academy in Pasadena and has an extensive experience as a musician and educator.


A professional session drummer, music arranger, music director, producer, film music scorer, percussionist and held numerous international masterclasses.


A loyal and proud ambassador of Zildjian, Ludwig Drums, Gruv Gear, Flipears International, World Balance and with JB Music and Sports.


Michael is a motivated and cause-driven artist, starting his career at the age of 4, he has built an empire worth of experience and his dream is to share this experience with students across the world. Back in the Philippines, Michael built his own institution named MADP (Michael Alba Drum Program) where he was able to influence Music culture around the country heavily.


Michael has the goal to reach hearts and minds around the world through the exhilarating art of music.


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