Keyboard Department

Keyboard Department

Our Keyboard Department is also an important pillar of AIM Academy. Headed by Richard Diligero and its syllabus refined by Michael Alba, students can expect an impressive music education for keys. From music theory to techniques, to approaches, to note reading and notation, you can get the best of everything here.

This department is bound to produce excellent musicians that are ready to play live or do recording sessions, arrange and produce music albums and many more. The learning track is long and in later stages, challenging, but this also means you get more than what you paid for in learning and its eventual application.


What to expect?


Lessons From Experience
There is no dull moment here as the learning is not mere theoretical from music books of long ago. The lessons here are designed for today’s music situation making inputs relevant and very usable. This is only achieved when teachers teach from experience.


Towards Better Playing
Expect to become a better keyboardist when you enroll into this department. One of the goals here is to make you play better, build better habits, strengthen discipline, and bring out more creativity from students.


Become a Better Musician
A musician does not only make good music but must be able to understand and express the mood, feel, and character of the songs they play. It is not just about hitting the right note but being emotionally connected to the song – this is taught here.

Are you ready to start your music journey with us?

It’s time to get started with your music education. It starts here. We have all the courses you need to realize your dreams in music. It could be just learning an instrument, getting better at it, or be the best there is. Regardless of your motivations and reasons, your best start is here with us.