Guitar Department

Guitar Department

Our guitar department is made for musicians from all skill levels, age, and learning goals. We have a music theory centered approach in our guitar instruction with lots of inputs on reading notes, mastering scales and applying optimized practices in playing the instrument. It is built on the same foundation as AIM Academy’s drum program that is focused on progressive learning, ensuring skill enhancement overtime.

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What to expect?


Deeper Understanding of The Guitar
It is not enough to identify chords and know how to strum. At AIM Academy we want you to truly understand your instrument, what it can do and how you can sound best as you play along with bands in a live or recording session.


Focus on Creativity & Freedom
We want you to not just know your guitar but to use it with gusto. The materials we use at the Guitar Department allows you to express better your musicality giving you the freedom to truly explore what you can do with it.


Coherence of Lessons
You are assured of lessons that tie together, giving you learnings that will only make you better as a guitarist overtime. We expect our students here to maximize what they learned and to seek out continuous music education.

Are you ready to start your music journey with us?

It’s time to get started with your music education. It starts here. We have all the courses you need to realize your dreams in music. It could be just learning an instrument, getting better at it, or be the best there is. Regardless of your motivations and reasons, your best start is here with us.