Bass Department

Bass Department

The AIM Academy Bass Department follows the structure and quality of the drum program under Michael Alba. Built and developed to answer the changing needs of bass players in the music industry today. Because of the way it is designed, students can progressively grow into the level that they want for themselves while making sure that the path to continuous learning is set for them to pursue.


What to expect?


Back To Basic Approach
There is no shortcut to greatness so with AIM’s bass program, everything is brought back to basic, to where it should all start. What you get is a bass program that produces well rounded bassists ready to take on the world of music.


Simplified Approach
Learning music does not have to be very hard. As with other music departments at AIM Academy, the bass program is simplified by using different approaches, techniques and methodologies allowing for easier to understand instruction.


Deeper & Relevant Coaching
At AIM Academy we believe in the power of coaching. This is carried over to our music departments, more so in the bass program. With deeper personalized insights, students can get clearer direction how to improve.

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